The impact of Environmentally Friendly Behavior (EFB) on the Green Perceived Quality in UAE: The mediating role Green Trust


  • Hualong Li


Environmentally Friendly Behavior, Green Perceived Quality, Green Trust, UAE


This study aims to examine the impact of environmentally friendly behavior (EFB) on the green perceived quality in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the mediating role of green trust. The research design is based on a sample of consumers in the UAE and uses structural equation modeling to test the hypotheses. The results show that EFB has a positive impact on green perceived quality, and green trust plays a mediating role in this relationship. The findings provide valuable insights for firms operating in the UAE to understand the importance of incorporating environmentally friendly practices in their operations, as well as the role of consumer trust in enhancing the perceived quality of green products and services. The results can inform marketing strategies aimed at promoting EFB and building trust in green initiatives and may contribute to the development of more sustainable consumption patterns in the UAE.



Author Biography

Hualong Li