Green supply chain innovation and green innovation: Mediating role of green supply chain learning and specific Investments


  • Qing Xie


Green SCM innovation and GIN are key research subjects in environmental management and sustainable business. The goal of this research is to look into the role of green SCM learning and specific investments in mediating this link. This study included 350 businesses, and the data was analyzed using structural equation modeling with partial least squares (SEM-PLS). Green SCM learning and specific investments, according to the findings, have a significant mediation effect on the link between green SCM innovation and GIN. Firms can improve their GIN performance, according to the research, by investing in green SCM learning and particular investments. These findings add to the body of knowledge on sustainable business and environmental management by emphasizing the value of green SCM learning and targeted investments in GIN. According to the study, organizations should focus on both learning and investment activities to improve their GIN performance.



Author Biography

Qing Xie