Environmental orientation, green supply chain management and corporate performance: mediating role of green supply chain management


  • Saira Ghulam Hassan


Environmental orientation and green supply chain management have become increasingly important in recent years due to growing concerns about environmental sustainability. Environmental orientation refers to a company's attitude towards environmental protection and its role in the implementation of sustainable practices. Green supply chain management, on the other hand, involves incorporating environmentally friendly practices into the entire supply chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The goal of green supply chain management is to reduce the environmental impact of a company's operations while maintaining or improving its performance. In this study, we explore the relationship between environmental orientation, green supply chain management, and corporate performance. We also examine the mediating role of green supply chain management in this relationship. Our findings suggest that environmental orientation positively influences green supply chain management, which in turn positively affects corporate performance. Furthermore, we found that green supply chain management serves as a mediating variable, strengthening the relationship between environmental orientation and corporate performance. Our results provide insights into the importance of environmental orientation and green supply chain management in enhancing corporate performance. Companies with a strong environmental orientation are more likely to adopt green supply chain management practices, which can result in improved performance.



Author Biography

Saira Ghulam Hassan